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Natural World Fund is the place for people who want to help but don’t know how – we make it easy by giving you clear and easy steps to do your part to help our environment.

So we can do something about this mess! We are fed up with all these companies wasting so much of your money and not doing whats right for Britain and what’s right for our wildlife.

From as little as £7 a month you can make a real positive impact for British nature in the movement to rewild as much of our landscape as we can.

As a member, your funds will go directly towards rewilding land and creating havens for nature throughout our country. We will provide you with regular updates to each project and invite you to come down and see the great work you are funding.

Yes, we are a non-profit community interest company where donations are legally protected to only go towards rewilding causes.

You can educate others on climate change emergencies and get politically active to hold politicians to account in this issue. It is also important to engage fully with the general crisis that is facing our wildlife and if you feel particularly passionate about a certain species you can look into buying or making feeders/enclosures for your garden. Every little bit really does help our struggling animal populations.