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The Yorkshire Mill Rewilding Project

We have the chance to purchase an incredible 70-acre plot in Yorkshire with enormous potential. It is the site of a former working watermill that we will restore to create a hydroelectric system to supply all necessary power.

The derelict buildings on the site will be repaired and used for educational purposes, as well as offering the option to serve as spaces for local tradespeople and businesses to work from.

A beautiful clear beck runs through the property and is home to a healthy variety of wildlife, including kingfishers, ducks, freshwater crayfish and otters. The land is degraded and unmanaged in large parts, meaning there is ample opportunity to improve the local biodiversity.

This is a fantastic opportunity to tie three hugely positive long term goals together: to improve the natural health of the area, to be self-reliant with green energy, and to provide free education to local schools and universities.




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Natural World Fund is the place for people who want to help but don’t know how – we make it easy by giving you clear and easy steps to do your part to help our environment.

National World Fund was set up by Edward Jackson and Glenn Howes and you can find out more about us HERE.

So we can do something about this mess! We are fed up with all these schemes wasting so much of your money and not doing whats right for Britain and what’s right for our wildlife. Unlike most tree-planting organisations, our only focus is to help our local nature to thrive through rewilding.

From as little as £7.50 a month you can make a real positive impact for British nature in the movement to rewild as much of our landscape as we can.

As a member, your funds will go directly towards rewilding land and creating havens for nature throughout our country. We will provide you with regular updates to each project and invite you to come down and see the great work you are funding.

Yes, we are a non-profit community interest company where donations are legally protected to only go towards rewilding causes.

Your money will go directly towards purchasing, rewilding and protecting as much land in the UK as we can. While fundraising, almost 100% of donations will go directly towards rewilding as Ed and I absorb the other costs.

In the longer term, a minimum 85% of revenue is guaranteed to go directly to restoring land, with the remaining 15% put towards day-to-day operating costs, including advertising to generate more donations.

No, we are in the fundraising stage for our first site to rewild. During this phase, we are personally absorbing the costs of the organisation so that almost 100% of the money raised will go directly towards the rewilding cause.

No, we don’t. Unlike many other rewilding and tree-planting organisations, we are not paying ourselves a penny while fundraising so that we can commit as much as possible towards restoring nature.

Trees are just one aspect of rewilding. British nature thrives best when there are mosaic habitats including forests, meadows and wetlands. Focusing on native species, our approach will always be tailored to the needs of the local area and its wildlife.

While rewiliding does offset carbon, we are not a carbon offsetting organisation. Carbon offsetting companies generally focus on how to absorb the most carbon – not what is actually beneficial for our wildlife. We believe in nature restoration over carbon offsets. Moreover, regrettably the carbon offsetting industry is currently deeply flawed, and awash with misleading carbon offsetting schemes and bogus and inaccurate claims of carbon sequestered.

We will manage the land on the advice of an environmental consultancy.

The land will be protected using conservation covenants.

Firstly, you can help by sharing our cause with your friends and family.

Secondly, educating yourself and others on the biodiversity and climate change emergencies can help spread the message.

Thirdly, finding out how you can help at home. Every little change we make can make a difference.

And finally, holding our politicians, companies and organisations to account on environmental issues.



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