Goit Stock Wood

Protect Goit Stock Wood

We have the amazing opportunity to purchase, restore, and expand a very well loved West Yorkshire landmark that is Goit Stock Wood.

The wood extends for approximately 70 acres and contains the much-visited Goit Stock Waterfall. The Hallas and Harden becks run through it, which are home to trout and grayling, and it has been recognised as an area of ecological and geological importance by Bradford Council.

Our aim is to bring the Goit Stock Wood back into active management, with a focus improving its biodiversity and protecting this precious ancient woodland for future generations.

Where possible, we will look to expand its area and will open the wood up to schools and community groups for educational purposes.

We will also manage the wood in such a way that it helps prevent downstream flooding of the Hallas and Harden Becks using sustainable flood management techniques, such as leaky dams and natural overspill areas.

Together, let’s safeguard this invaluable forest.

Protect Goit Stock Wood

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