Derbyshire’s first beaver family in 800 years, reintroduced at Willington Wetlands in 2021, has expanded further with the birth of two additional kits.

This marks a significant milestone as the beavers play a vital role in enhancing the environment and preventing flooding in the Trent Valley.

The Derbyshire Wildlife Trust expresses excitement over the growing family of these dam-building creatures, emphasising their positive impact on the ecosystem.

Henry Richards, from the trust, said the beavers would play a crucial role in improving the environment in the Trent Valley, helping to prevent flooding in the long-term.

“The beaver reintroduction programme only started two years ago, but thanks to the hard work of volunteers, staff and partners, this family of beavers has a resilient environment in which to thrive,” he said.

“By reintroducing beavers and keeping human impact low, Willington has become a mosaic of prime wetland habitats creating an important sanctuary for wildlife.

“The beavers have shaped and improved the site in ways that we couldn’t have imagined by coppicing trees and shrub species, damming smaller water courses, and digging the start of ‘beaver canal’ systems.”

The beavers’ activities have proven instrumental in creating a more favourable habitat, benefitting various wildlife such as otters, water voles, kingfishers, egrets, and bitterns. The reintroduction of beavers showcases successful conservation efforts and their positive ripple effects on the local ecosystem.



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