Gleaming Gloss Joins Natural World Fund to Protect Wildlife and Rewild Britain


We want to say a big thank you to our latest Corporate partner Gleaming Gloss!

Gleaming Gloss have taken the fantastic step of helping to make Britain a wilder place. By supporting the Natural World Fund rewilding programme, they not only are helping to sequester carbon and reduce their carbon footprint, but also will be supporting our wildlife through the creation of vital habitats.

Gleaming Gloss was the brainchild of Katherine Hickey who, after years working in the cleaning industry, understood the need for cleaning products that not only clean impeccably and smell great, but are also chemical free.

Cleaning products generally contain a number of chemicals that have been shown to be harmful in animal studies. Of particular concern are endocrine disruptors which may have negative, and unpredictable effects on a range of body systems, including thyroid function, the nervous system, reproduction, digestion (affecting the absorption or utilisation of vitamins and minerals) and insulin function. 

Moreover, cleaning products affect the environment and can lead to pollution and waste. Thousands of chemicals from cleaning products, many of which have not been tested for safety, are washed into streams and rivers. They may pollute streams and rivers and can take a long time to degrade. Some persist in the environment and enter the food chain with potential toxic effects. Regrettably, there is little being done to prevent this, which is why companies such as Gleaming Gloss are so important.

Having been developed at John Moore’s University by its in-house, low-carbon team, they ensured their products are vegan, low-carbon, and cruelty free. Their multi-purpose cleaners have received rave reviews, and it’s easy to see why they are so popular with their streak-free finish. If you want great cleaning with fewer chemicals in your household, it’s a no-brainer. 

We are delighted to accept such an environmentally-conscious company into our partner programme who will help make a real impact on British wildlife. If we are to halt the shocking decline in our wildlife, we will need more companies to be like Gleaming Gloss and choose to actively support rewilding.


At Natural World Fund, we are passionate about stopping the decline in our wildlife.

The declines in our wildlife is shocking and frightening. Without much more support, many of the animals we know and love will continue in their declines towards extinction.

When you help to restore a patch of degraded land through rewilding to forests, meadows, or wetlands, you have a massive impact on the biodiversity at a local level. You give animals a home and food that they otherwise would not have had, and it has a positive snowball effect for the food chain.

We are convinced that this is much better for the UK than growing lots of fast-growing coniferous trees, solely to remove carbon, that don’t actually help our animals to thrive.

This is why we stand for restoring nature in the UK through responsible rewilding. For us, it is the right thing to do. Let’s do what’s right for nature!

Support our work today at and join in the solution!

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