Greenmarket joins Natural World Fund rewilding


We want to say a big thank you to our latest corporate partner Greenmarket.

We are delighted to announce that Greenmarket have decided to make Britain a wilder place. By supporting the Natural World Fund rewilding programme, they not only are helping to sequester carbon and reduce their carbon footprint, but they will also be supporting our struggling wildlife through the creation of vital habitats.

Greenmarket was set up by two friends, Aidan Sharples and Ruban Sriranjan, after they identified the need for an easy and affordable marketplace where eco-conscious consumers and organisations can share sustainable solutions, products, and services. We all know a few products that are positive for the planet, but Greenmarket brings thousands of these all together in one place. 

Their AI-driven, impact-based shopping and lifestyle platform provides a personalised consumer experience, offering value and choice in categories that matter to individuals and the planet. The marketplace includes innovative “Impact” Categories and only hosts sustainable products and solutions to cut costs and carbon. From refurbished technology to slow fashion; from energy saving solutions to carbon offsetting. They are also committed to providing a launch platform for emerging impact brands.

The damage from our taking–making–disposing culture is everywhere; from the litter in our oceans to the carbon in our atmosphere. Every stage—starting with extracting materials, followed by the manufacturing, and then to the throwing away—contributes to the harming of our planet through pollution in one form or another. But thankfully, companies like Greenmarket are providing greener, more sustainable, circular alternatives.

When Greenmarket encourages the sale of reused, refurbished, and recycled products, they are helping to eliminate much of the harmful supply-chain waste and pollution. And when the products aren’t second hand, they are created with the minimum environmental impact and the maximum recyclability. Additionally, they enable you to trade-in your electronic devices to earn cash and contribute to the circular economy. Their site really is a great way for you to reduce your negative footprint on the planet. 

What’s more, their approach is also making sustainability more affordable. Often, the greenest products come at a high price and only the wealthy can afford to be so eco-friendly. Especially now, in this crisis, there needs to be options for everyone to be able to make a difference. And with their circular approach, Greenmarket is doing just that – breaking these barriers down, and making sustainability more accessible.

We are thrilled to accept such an environmentally-focused organisation into our partner programme who will help make a real impact on British wildlife. If we are to halt the alarming decline in our wildlife, we will need more companies to be like Greenmarket and choose to actively support rewilding.


At Natural World Fund, we are passionate about stopping the decline in our wildlife.

The declines in our wildlife is shocking and frightening. Without much more support, many of the animals we know and love will continue in their declines towards extinction.

When you help to restore a patch of degraded land through rewilding to forests, meadows, or wetlands, you have a massive impact on the biodiversity at a local level. You give animals a home and food that they otherwise would not have had, and it has a positive snowball effect for the food chain.

We are convinced that this is much better for the UK than growing lots of fast-growing coniferous trees, solely to remove carbon, that don’t actually help our animals to thrive.

This is why we stand for restoring nature in the UK through responsible rewilding. For us, it is the right thing to do. Let’s do what’s right for nature!

Support our work today at and join in the solution!


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