Lundy Island is witnessing a remarkable surge in bird populations, with around 40,000 rare seabirds thriving on its shores, according to the RSPB.

Notably, 95% of England’s breeding Manx Shearwaters, once on the brink of extinction on Lundy, now number over 25,000, thanks to a successful rat eradication project in 2006.

Puffin numbers have surged from 13 in 2000 to 1,335 in 2023, and new arrivals, like Storm Petrels, have established over 150 pairs since breeding commenced in 2014.

This success is attributed to a collaborative effort involving Natural England, the Landmark Trust, and the National Trust.

Paul St Pierre, RSPB conservation officer, said: “If we can restore over 30,000 birds to one small island in the Bristol Channel, just imagine how much could be achieved if everyone came together to restore nature right across the UK.

“Projects like this are achieved through decades of conservation science, expertise, funding and countless volunteer hours.

“Everyone can play a part.”

Project leaders are advocating for Lundy’s designation as a Special Protection Area for seabirds to mitigate risks to the burgeoning bird populations.

Mr St Pierre said: “While Lundy is protected for many of its wonderful species, the surrounding waters still lack any protection for seabirds.”



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