methane from oil wells


Methane, a potent greenhouse gas that is 80 times more effective than carbon dioxide at heating up the Earth on a 20-year timescale, is rapidly increasing in the atmosphere.

Despite claims by governments to curb greenhouse gas emissions, methane levels have reached two and a half times the pre-industrial levels, posing a significant danger.

The main sources of methane emissions are known to be oil and gas production, agriculture, and waste degradation. However, most countries still struggle to accurately measure and estimate their methane output.

By addressing known sources, such as repairing leaky oil wells, projected emissions could be reduced by half by 2030, leading to a 0.5┬░C decrease in global temperature rise by 2100.

While certain solutions, like changing the feeding habits of farm animals to reduce methane from their burping, may come with added costs, others, such as capturing and utilising methane as a fuel instead of releasing it into the atmosphere, could be financially beneficial.

Surprisingly, about one-third of the measures required to halve methane emissions by 2030 would come at no net cost. Given the proximity to dangerous climate change and the prevalence of extreme weather events, it is concerning that politicians are not taking more decisive action to address methane emissions.



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