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George Eustice says adjusted lamp oil boilers can run on ‘hydro-treated vegetable oil’ and cut emmissions by 88%.

Parliament will hear a proposal to encourage rural households to run their heating systems on vegetable oil.

A bill that would eliminate taxes on renewable liquid heating fuels and provide incentives to replace kerosene in existing boilers will be introduced by George Eustice, who previously served as the secretary of the environment.

Kerosene boilers are used by 1.7 million UK households in rural areas, according to estimates. From 2026, homes with “off-grid” gas connections will be required to install air source or ground source heat pump systems instead of boiler replacements under government plans.

However, Camborne and Redruth Conservative MP Eustice will argue in parliament on Wednesday that the costs of installing heat pumps in older rural homes present a “huge barrier.” Eustice stated that, as an alternative, kerosene oil boilers can run on “hydro-treated vegetable oil” (HVO) with a “minor adaptation” and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 88 percent.

Eustice said: “The government has pursued a heat-pump-first strategy but the cost to some households is prohibitively expensive, and will create a whole new industry of patching up old boilers. A good option is being overlooked here in favour of the best option, but if emissions can be reduced significantly and quickly it makes sense.”

The Renewable Transport Fuel Obligation, which requires major fuel manufacturers or importers to purchase a portion of their fuel from renewable sources, should be extended, according to Eustice. Eustice would like to see the system, which actually helps pay for renewable fuel, extended to home fuel suppliers.

He anticipates that the energy bill, which is currently being scrutinized by the House of Lords, will be amended to include significant industry changes.

Eustice said: “This system means less waste of resources because the fuel can run on existing boilers and central heating infrastructure with a simple, low-cost adaptation to the boiler.”

Last year, consumers with off-grid heating expressed concern regarding the sharp rise in energy costs. A £200 “alternative fuel payment” was announced in December for households in Great Britain that use alternative fuels like heating oil or biomass.


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