Rewilding is the restoration of an area of land to its more natural uncultivated state. Rewilding aims to restore ecosystems and reverse biodiversity declines by allowing wildlife and natural processes to reclaim areas no longer under human management.

Regrettably, nature in the UK is in serious trouble. Human interference and habitat loss are two of the most significant contributors to this decline in our biodiversity. And if this continues then it will only keep getting worse and many of our favourite species will face extinction. That is where rewilding comes in.

Only by rewilding can we restore land to the benefit of nature, increasing the number of habitats that animals need to survive and thrive. Through rewilding key areas and connecting them up through a mosaic of nature-rich habitats, we will stop the decline in our wildlife. This has the potential to save a significant number of species from decline or extinction.

Rewilding is not just planting trees or carbon offsetting. While rewilded areas will capture much more carbon, it will not be able to stop or reverse climate change, nor is this the primary intention. Rewilding places nature and wildlife at its heart, doing what’s right for our animals to give them the urgent help that they need.

It is also not only forests. Wild meadows, sea beds, moorlands and wetlands all have been severely degraded in the UK and restoring all aspects of our natural landscapes is vital for nature to flourish.

More nature is better for all of us, providing us with clean water, flood defences, food, healthy soils, breathable air, and good mental and physical health. It’s important that we work to ensure everyone has access to wilder nature, even in our urban areas


At Natural World Fund, we are passionate about stopping the decline in our wildlife.

The declines in our wildlife is shocking and frightening. Without much more support, many of the animals we know and love will continue in their declines towards extinction.

When you help to restore a patch of degraded land through rewilding to forests, meadows, or wetlands, you have a massive impact on the biodiversity at a local level. You give animals a home and food that they otherwise would not have had, and it has a positive snowball effect for the food chain.

We are convinced that this is much better for the UK than growing lots of fast-growing coniferous trees, solely to remove carbon, that don’t actually help our animals to thrive.

This is why we stand for restoring nature in the UK through responsible rewilding. For us, it is the right thing to do. Let’s do what’s right for nature!

Support our work today at and join in the solution!

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