“The next government must recognise the rapid decline in insects and restore sustainable populations of all invertebrates.”

Peterborough-based insect conservation charity Buglife has released an election manifesto for insects, outlining essential commitments the next UK government must make to restore and sustain invertebrate populations.

The manifesto emphasises that “without healthy populations it is impossible to halt nature’s decline”.

Titled the “Manifesto for Bugs,” it details what the world’s smallest and most numerous creatures require from any future government.

The charity said: “The next government must recognise the rapid decline in insect abundance, demonstrated by the Bugs Matter monitoring scheme revealing a 64% reduction in UK flying insect numbers in just 18 years.”

Buglife calls for fully resourced delivery plans to meet targets addressing climate change, ending sewage pollution, and protecting 30% of the UK for nature. The charity urges political parties to fulfil promises to end peat use, increase access to nature, and restore river health.

In addition to achieving existing targets, Buglife sets out specific requirements to halt nature loss and reverse invertebrate declines:

  • Reconnect landscapes by filling B-Lines with wildflower-rich stepping-stones.
  • Establish light pollution reduction targets.
  • Strengthen bee-friendly pesticide regulations.
  • Allocate new resources to save the most threatened species.
  • Improve planning for invertebrates.
  • Lead global action on nature-positive trade.
  • Stop the sale of banned toxins for domestic use.



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