Dyed pigeon


An animal sanctuary is urging people not to dye birds for gender reveal celebrations after taking in a brightly coloured pigeon named Polly.

Polly, whose wings and feet were dyed pink and yellow, was believed to have been used in a gender reveal event and was brought to Pudz Animal Sanctuary in South Killingholme this week.

Sanctuary founder Shena Fairless highlighted the dangers of dyeing birds, noting that the chemicals can be harmful and make the birds more vulnerable to predators.

She said: “It’s just for a few minutes of entertainment, then the bird has to live with that for the rest of its life”.

Ms Fairless said the dyeing was “just not a nice thing for it to go through” and added “you just don’t know what might happen”.

Despite Polly’s ordeal, Ms Fairless said she is settling in well at the sanctuary, adding: “She’s made some friends, she’s eating well, and she’s trying to fly.

“She’s safe, so we’ll see how she goes.”

Earlier this year, the RSPCA also warned against using birds in gender reveals.

A spokesperson expressed concern that social media trends might be encouraging such practices, which can prevent birds from flying if their feathers are dyed or painted.

Gender reveal celebrations, which announce whether an expectant parent’s baby will be a boy or a girl, have become increasingly popular in recent years.



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